aspirations breathe life into our actions.

At our last Teaching Learning & Innovation Department meeting, each team member shared an aspiration for the school year. As a noun, aspiration means the hope or ambition of achieving something. A few of its synonyms are: desire, hope, dream, wish, longing, yearning.

My aspiration for the 2018-19 school year is this:

I aspire to create the conditions in which staff feel they aren’t alone in their role – that support is a call, email, or shout away. I also aspire to remove the barriers that get in the way of building leaders and teachers providing the conditions for their students to have the very best year ever!

Read my colleague Jeff Nelson’s aspiration and a bit more behind the meaning of the word here!

What really struck me when reading the definition of aspiration is the medical definition in which it acts as a verb: “the action or process of drawing breath.” So when you think of an aspiration as both a noun AND a verb, it should be the very thing that gives you life! WOWZAH!!

So when days go astray, when I find myself dragging a bit or needing a bit of cheese to go with my whine – I’m going to check myself by reading my aspiration for the year and let that breath new life into my weary mind and soul!

What is your aspiration for the year? Leave me a comment below!


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I'm the Assistant Director of Teaching, Learning, & Innovation for Fife Public Schools. I'm a lifelong learner who is committed to creating capacity for teachers to provide engaging & empowering experiences for students. I'm owned by a chocolate mini-dachshund named Koko.

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